Turkey Pants

by Grace AKA Blackbelt Oma

I am anticipating a trip to Spain in November (more on that later). I know it is a few months away, but I was thinking about what to pack (more on that later as well). I read somewhere that leggings travel well and take up little room in a suit case. That led me to think about putting outfits together that include a pair of "turkey pants" .... That's what I call leggings since they are so comfortable and they remind me of the episode of Friends where Joey wears women's maternity pants while he enjoys Monica's Thanksgiving turkey dinner. (View the 20 second video below to refresh your memory!)

Joey's Turkey Pants

(the link doesn't seem to work in tablets so you may have to copy the link below in your browser)

I have already, as a "mature woman", ventured into wearing leggings. All the young girls are wearing them and they look great on "most" of them .... so why should they have all the comfort? I wear my leggings with a REALLY long top, which could actually be a short dress. My recent shopping experience, however, has proven that it is not easy to find just the right top (for an old doll) to go with my "turkey pants"!

According to my research, covering your butt is a must! (In fact more than covering it at my age.) For some great tips on wearing leggings check out the website below from Musings of a Housewife by Jo-Lynne Shane. Enjoy your "turkey pants"!


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