Best Gardening Tip of the Season

 So officially summer is over and Halloween candy is everywhere. My petunias and pansies, however, have no idea what the date is because they are thriving!
 A month ago my hanging petunia basket was looking very poorly, ready for the compost heap in fact! So I took the advice of the video that I posted at the beginning of the summer about caring for these showy blooms and I hacked them back. Yikes! I mean I really did a number on them. It was really hard to chop off the few blooms that were left but it was worth it. A few weeks later ... voila! I  guess professional gardeners know what they're talking about.

These pansies were a great investment this year. I bought them last Easter if you can believe it and they have been thriving ever since! The secret? Yep you guessed it ..... deadheading like crazy. When the blooms start to close up I'm ready with the snippers to cut them off. I love to prune and trim and these little lovelies have certainly satisfied my need in that area!

 I bought these fall mums a few weeks ago and hopefully they will take over when the pansies and petunias bite the dust (or should I say frost). However, they are not in full bloom as much as I would like. So ...... time to do a bit of Googling to discover how to get the most out of these babies. What Mr. Google told me was to give them lots of sun and keep them well watered. The website below was very useful - check it out!


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