A Taste of the South West

I guess the giant cactus is a dead give away that we made it to the sunny South West! Our two week adventure to this part of the world was a great "get away" from the cold and snow back home, but what impressed me the most was how different the landscape was from any place I'd ever been. My travelling has mainly been in, Europe, South East Asia and the Caribbean so deserts were a new experience!

These sand dunes are just a few miles outside of Yuma. I think they could have filmed Lawrence of Arabia here!

Sedona is cooler but with more vegetation ..... STUNNING!

At least they warn you of poisonous snakes!

These rocks used to be submerged in water thousands of years ago .. reminds me of the "Rocks" in the Bay of Fundy.

A Diversion to Nearby San Diego!

Staying in Yuma meant that we were only 2 and a half hours from San Diego so it seemed like a good opportunity to take in the sights. We did the "hop on, hop off " tour which gave us a good overview of the city, and allowed us to stop for lunch on Coronado Island. In the evening we checked out a few bars and restaurants and the next day toured the USS Midway Aircraft carrier...... very impressive (even for a non-military buff like me!)

The city of San Diego seen from the ferry landing on Coronado Island (you can see me dipping a toe in the Pacific - a first for me!)

Our travel buddies Paul and Nilah at our lunch spot on Coronado Island

USS Midway 


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