Spring is NOT Just Around the Corner

Apparently spring is NOT just around the corner. according to meteorologists, cold weather, and even snow, will continue for the rest of March and perhaps into April ..... especially in Atlantic Canada! The summer, they say, in my neck of the woods will be very warm, with lots of rain! We just can't seem to catch a break!

I have been very proud of my ability to refrain from posting rants about the horrible weather we've been having this year. When I returned from "old people land" in Arizona, I was determined to make the most of my senior years, winter weather and all ..... but it ain't easy! A course that I signed up to take was canceled due to lack of interest and in spite of my determination to brave the snowy roads, there have been days when it's just not worth it to go out. Therefore I have been resolved to pass the time with reading and viewing (haven't been in the mood for art making lately). Thus I am always on the look out for a new title ........ of a book, Netflix series, or movie.


I'm not interested in investing time reading a book if it's not my cup of tea so I depend on the recommendations of others (even though that's not a guarantee). It's kind of like using a GPS ... take the advice, but ultimately decide for yourself. 

I often choose books based on interviews I've heard on CBC,  Heather's picks on Indigo, Google research or recommendations from friends. 

One book I read recently, offered by a friend, was A Season in Hell  by Robert Fowler. The author, a former Canadian diplomat, was captured by Al Qaeda and held captive in the Sahara for 130 days. If it wasn't recommended by an other female friend of a similar vintage, I would never have entertained reading it. However, to my surprise it was a page turner!

As a result of a CBC interview of the author, psychologist Brian Little I read the book Me, Myself and Us - a study of the science of personality. According to new research, we may be "hardwired" to be an introvert or an extrovert, but depending on our circumstances we can act "out of character" in order to adapt to the situation. In other words, I may be an introvert by nature, but because my job as a teacher requires it, I become an extrovert during the school day. We all have our "true colours" - they just don't always show up. - A very thought provoking read!

 Me Myself And Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being

I just finished The Silver Star by Janette Walls, a quick, delightful read that I zipped through in a day and a half. Her other books, The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses, which I enjoyed very much are based on similar themes - mature and resourceful children who thrive in spite of having flaky, incompetent parents. I especially loved the fact that The Glass Castle was based on the author's own family!

So .... now I am in search of some new reading material. Sometimes I think it takes me longer to look for a book than it does to read it! As I said, I'm a big CBC radio fan so I tend to be influenced by their suggestions. The other day I was listening to a piece by one of their regular contributors who reviews books and I discovered her website (The Ludic Reader, below), so I am hopeful that I will find a few exciting new "reads" to help me survive until spring actually arrives!

Here is a link to a previous post with a list of books that I have enjoyed!


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