If it ain't broke....

It's Easter! While we still have a *#^* load of snow, the weather is mild and it is starting to melt. We might not see the grass until the end of May, but at least it's starting to happen.

We are anticipating the arrival of  our son and his "fiance" for the holiday weekend, and of course, I am baking up a storm. (Never used to do that when I was working!) Since Alicia can not tolerate dairy, I always try to look for "dairy free" desserts. I don't need to worry about main dishes because hubby takes care of that. Anyway, I've discovered that sometimes you can find what you're looking for right under your nose! Google will give you all kinds of recipes that are gluten free, dairy free or what ever, but sometimes it pays off to look through your good old recipe books to see if there is one that fits the bill!

My good old, falling apart, Purity cookbook!

My Purity Cookbook came through for me! The regular peanut butter cookies that I've made for years just happen to have no dairy. Who knew! I also found a great recipe for orange cake (that can be made as cupcakes) in the Purity book. I really believe that it is best to try to find a recipe that simply does not have the ingredient that you are allergic to before to try to find one that uses substitutions. Some substitutions are great, but others just don't cut it.

My cupcakes look great, and all's well that end's well .... but it was not without a few frustrations..... batter overflowing, oven getting over heated ...... I guess it's wrong to use the "F" word when making cupcakes .... perhaps not when making chili or beef jerky, but cupcakes deserve a more "feminine" expletive!


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