Two things have inspired me to think about walking lately:  a CBC interview with the author of Born to Walk, and the movie "The Way".

In the movie, "The Way", a father completes a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, after his son dies while walking on the famous trail. Somehow the idea of the "pilgrimage experience", of the surrounding landscape, the villages, the people along the way, the spirituality and the history fascinates me. Now I'm not a "roughin it kinda" gal, but somehow I don't think I would mind spending a night in a hostel or getting by on a minimal wardrobe ..... Maybe something to do with focusing on the "experience"?


Walking the Camino de Santiago

 Dan Rubinstein, author of Born to Walk talked about the "transformative" power of walking and how it can have more benefits than just physical wellness.
I will have to read his book, although I think it will only confirm what I already believe..... walking alone or with somebody is all good! Hiking with someone else presents an opportunity to talk about topics that might not be covered in casual conversation at a party. When the conversation dries up at  party it's usually time to get another drink, but on the "trail" somehow the conversation just keeps on going and before you know it you learned something new about your trail mate! Walking by your self, on the other hand, lets you have a conversation with yourself. Often, by the time you've arrived at your destination, you've worked out your problems or come up with a creative new idea (or repelled a few passersby because they caught you talking to yourself!) - who need's a shrink?

 Born to Walk - CBC interview

Recently I haven't been a big fan of walking outdoors. The main reason is that I am afraid of dogs. I mean I like dogs in general, ones that I know won't bite me .... but a strange dog running out at me as I walk by is unnerving! I also do not like walking in the bitter cold of winter with a constant fear of slipping on ice patches. That's why most of my exercise is done in the climate controlled, dogless comfort of the gym. However, in light of the therapeutic as well as physical value of walking, I am starting to change my attitude about walking outdoors. In fact .... walking the Camino de Santiago is definitely on my bucket list!


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