A Beautiful Wedding!

Within the vintage architecture of a country church this lovely couple was married on August 22nd, 2015. My son Joel and his wife, Alicia said their vows before about 150 family and friends, accompanied by their devoted attendants. Below is a photo of them at the rehearsal dinner happily anticipating the big day!

Preparations for the reception began days before as vintage china and antique wooden chairs were assembled for the dinner.

The dinner plates at the head table were the groom's grandmother's!

The location offered a spectacular view of the Bay of Fundy and there was lots of space for outdoor fun and "merriment" after the ceremony!

These two sweeties anxiously waited for their moment to walk down the aisle. 

At last! The happy couple exiting the church.

Time for photos! Outside the church Thaddeus Holownia, teacher of photography at Mount Allison University, takes a large group photo of everyone at the wedding using an old fashioned camera (I'm sure there is a special name for it). Can't wait to see the final product!

Let the fun begin!

While the newly weds had photos done, the guests entertained themselves with lawn games, popsicles for the youngsters, and some delicious appetizers and refreshments for everyone. 

So nice to have friends and family to share this happy day!

My good friends (the Fundy girls minus two), Cathy Wareham, yours truly, Diane Ridley, Nancy Splane)

Ross and his buddies "The Dannies" Dan Wareham and Dan Splane

Ross's brother Nelson and his wife Marianne

Ross's brother Jim and his wife Linda

Ross's sister Phyllis and her friend Louis

The couple's first dance to "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" by Elvis!

More Photo Ops! 

While family photos were taken by the photographer after the wedding, we caught a few more later in the evening. Too bad my poor little smart phone doesn't take a better photo in the dark!

Ross, Joel, Candice, Scott, me

A Day to Be Recorded With Both Images and Words!

My wrist corsage made by Alicia!

Weddings these days always seem to be more about the photos than anything else. With almost everyone carrying a cell phone/camera and the ability to instantly share pictures on Instagram, Facebook etc., every detail of an event can recorded by images and video. However, there is a lot to be said for the written word. The atmosphere, vibe and specifics of an occasion such as a wedding deserve equal attention with words.

Below is a newspaper clipping of my parents and my aunt's weddings (held on the same day in May 1934). I marvel at the written description of the flowers, fabrics and music. (What the heck is a "swagger suit"?) I also love the detail about the "motor car trip" and the couple "taking up residence in their summer home on Lake Nipissing" ..... sounds like something out of the Great Gatsby! 

My Dad, Mother, aunt Greet (Gretta), Uncle Ray

I wish I had the eloquence to create a written description of Joel and Alicia's wedding. There was so much more to it than the mere images! I wouldn't even have the vocabulary to point out the unique flowers and plants in the bouquets and decor, the vintage fabric in the wedding gown and bridesmaids' dresses, the antique patterns on the dishes and the variety of delicious food, lovingly prepared by family and friends. 

Here's a thought ...... as well as a photographer, couples should engage a writer to eloquently describe the day!

A unique plant that appeared at our table at the rehearsal dinner. This delicate plant also appeared in the wedding flowers and bouquets that Alicia designed and created herself!

Congratulations Joel and Alicia!


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