Preparing a Camino Christmas List

It's Not too Early to Make Your Christmas List!

As you may or may not know, I am planning to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain next May. I have been doing at lot of research on flights, where to stay, how to get there, how long it will take etc., as well as WHAT to take. According to what I have learned the recurring theme is: take very little because you have to carry it! It is possible to have our packs transported to our destination each day, but I want to be able to do it on my own if I can. Or, at least I can carry my stuff on short days and have it transported when the going is longer or more strenuous.
One thing is for certain ..... there is a wealth of information on hiking the Camino! I'm even attending a meeting next month of a group of people who have completed the journey! While individual preferences vary on what items to put in your backpack (and indeed what backpack to take) I have come up with a few "for sure" items to put on my Christmas list.

Headlamp -

- to use in the aubergues after "lights out" and to light the way in the early morning! It allows you to have a light when you want both hands to be free for packing or using your walking poles. I saw this one on There are likely better ones but I don't think I would invest much more.
Headlamp from Walmart $17.99

Sleeping Bag

- found one at Canadian Tire for $23.99! It was very light when I picked it up. The details say it weighs 2 lbs, but it seemed like only 1lb. The zipper is only one way and the stuff sack was a little tight, but the price and weight were right! We won't need it for warmth since we will be sleeping indoors. Outbound Lite Sleeping Bag Canadian Tire
- here is another one recommended by a fellow who actually did the Camino with it. The company is in London Ontario and it costs $39.00 - (you'll pay $59.00 with tax and shipping) It weighs 660g (a pound and a half) I like the hood and the stuff sack and the two way zipper!
Lightweight Sleeping Bag Recommendation

Key Chain Flash Light    

The tiny flash light would be handy for looking into backpacks or finding your way to the bathroom with out disturbing other who are trying to sleep.

Utility Knife

- some kind of multi-purpose knife for cutting food, opening cans, wine bottles etc. I think scissors, knife and corkscrew would be a priority ..... especially the corkscrew!
Image result for swiss army knife canada

Quick Dry Travel Towel

- I haven't looked at many of these but my priority would be weight (as light as possible), drying quickly and of course the ability to dry me off after a shower! I saw some at Walmart on line for $19.00. MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) had them for $25-$30 .... I wouldn't spend that much. A loop to hang on a hook would be nice. A case might be nice too, but not if it adds more weight (a Ziploc bag would be just as good!

Hiking Socks

Next to your foot wear, socks are probably the most important. We will need something that wicks away moisture, dries quickly and is, of course, comfortable. Merino wool seems to be the most recommended material. Personally, I find wool very itchy (even a wool sweater with a long sleeved blouse underneath makes me itch!) However, apparently merino is very soft. I've also heard that there are some good synthetic alternatives out there as well. A friend gave me a pair of Icebreakers and, at first I found them quite tight (my ankles had a mark when I took them off . and my ankles are skinny!) However, I've been wearing them lately and they are quite comfy! I'm willing to give some other kinds a try and wear them during my "training" ... then make a final decision on what 2 or 3 pairs to take. Watch this cool video on merino wool on the "Icebreaker" website. Marino 101

Quick Dry T Shirts

Apparently I will be packing two (quick dry) T shirts. Sport Check had some to the tune of $25 - $30! I don't think so. I found some on Amazon for about $11.00 (even with shipping it would be cheaper). Anyway, here's what I'm looking for Quick Dry T Shirt. .... May try Winners?

Sooo ..... if you want to buy me a present???

Below are a few You Tube Videos that have some great info for myself and my fellow peregrinos. Great info and a lot to think about!

Bueno Camino!

(check out the videos below, especially the "packing tips"!

Money Saving Tips for the Camino

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