Scrambled Eggs French Style!

My idea of a scrambled egg is basically cracking a few eggs in a bowl, give them a little "whisk", dump them in a lightly greased pan and Bob's your uncle. But apparently the French do it differently!

On an episode of Laura Calder's "French Food at Home", she showed us how to create moist and creamy scrambled eggs ..... and it makes perfect sense! She first separates the eggs and then begins to cook the whites only in a buttered pan. Since the whites take longer to cook than the yolks this gives them a head start. Once the whites have had their "head start", then the yolks go in. She cooks them until done, but still a bit soft ..... (whites cooked/ yolks soft)... many people like their yolks runny anyway!

I tried this Sunday morning for breakfast and they were great! (see the plate below!)

Check out Laura's recipe below!

Laura Calder's French Style Scrambled Eggs

French Food at Home Episodes on the Food Network


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