Furry Friend

We've had a little visitor around our house lately. He's a cheeky little devil who has the gall to scurry around on our deck, snoop inside the barbeque and the other day I caught him in the loft in our garage. When I banged on the floor of the loft to chase him out, he just hid on me!

Well we fixed his wagon! Hubby got out the $2.00 trap he bought in Main a couple of summers ago and low and behold our annoying little friend took the bait. We let him "sweat" for a little while in the cage and captured a bit of his performance on video. Then .... we took him for a ride and let him go. I think he was quite surprised by his good fortune as he scampered off into the woods. Hopefully he won't find his way back .... surely he'll invade other houses along the way that have better stuff than we have!


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