For The Birds!

I don't know if it's the extra time we spend these summer days lingering on the back deck, or a lack of something important to do in our old age, but we seem to discuss the habits of our feathered friends more than we ever used to! It's nice to see the tiny humming birds seeking out our most colourful flowers and to hear the sound of the chickadees. Even the crows, who can be a nuisance, have been a subject of interest as they raise their families in our back yard ... like them or not, they are very smart!

So the "hubster" has taken to creating little homes for our backyard tenants. Hopefully they won't mind the decoration around the front door!

Each home has the front panel on a hinge to facilitate spring cleaning!

Here is our latest addition posted at the back edge of our yard near the woods. It's "open house" so we will be watching to see if we have any takers! There are more condos on the market to be given to friends and family, so we will see what kind of species they attract.

Who hasn't had a robin's nest in spring on a ledge under a deck or in some other inappropriate place? Apparently some birds prefer a "nesting box" rather than a house. ...... We've got that covered too!

A nesting box that Ross made and nailed to a tree. In it is a nest that a little sparrow was making on a ledge in our garage! We had to remove it before she laid eggs in it! A garage is no place for baby birds!


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