A Good Friend Changes Colour

For more than a year I have spent a lot of time on the Saunders Brook Trail near my home. So much time, in fact, that it's almost like a good friend with whom I gripe and complain, plan my next adventure, create "to do" lists, and reminisce. After spending time with my "friend", not only have I gotten some much needed exercise, but sorted out a few "issues" or brought home a new goal to begin working toward.

I love this trail! The tall trees shade you from the hot summer sun, and offer shelter when bitter winds blow. Even in winter the path is well worn and passable most of the time. This fall it is especially scenic. Check it out!

I gave myself a little photography assignment on my walk today. My goal was to take a pic that included evidence of fall and the path in the same frame.  Happy Fall (you know what's next!)


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