A Beach is Like a Box of Chocolates

A beach is like a box of chocolates ....... you never know what you're going to find!

I love beach combing and collecting little treasures along the shore .... sea glass, smooth stones and of course sea shells. The "therapy" is in the hunt. Forget your worries and just concentrate on searching for those unique little gems.

Recently, in Cuba, I enjoyed collecting a small bag full of gorgeous little shells that I smuggled home in my suitcase. A few years ago, at a different beach in Cuba, I found an abundance of sea glass that now sits in a decorative bowl on my coffee table. I've also been know to lug home a few egg smooth rocks from the shores of the Bay of Fundy.

A harmless pastime right? I do know that you are not supposed to disturb the ecosystem, but somehow I just couldn't resist pocketing just a few souvenirs ..... it's only a few! What's one more homeless hermit crab?

After doing a little research, I am now a "reformed beach comber". (Although I think the sea glass is still fair game.) I plan to take treasures from the beach in the form of photos only!

Guide to Ethical Shell Collecting

 (Ethical) Beach Collection Photos

Collections from the Bay of Fundy and Cuba

Sea Glass from Cuba

Photo collections are perfect when the "treasures" are too big to lug home!


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