So Long Summer!

So long lazy days of summer ..... it sure was a good one!

I can't believe the summer is over. The weather this year in our part of the world was exceptional. Lots of sun .... not so good for the garden, but great for summer adventures!

Our outings this year included a trip to Cape Breton, the historic town of Lunenburg, Halifax, Yoho Lake, St. Martins and the stunningly beautiful Fundy Parkway. Family gatherings and get togethers with friends are always special, but that much better when the sun is shinning!

While trips away and social gatherings fulfill our summer calendar, so do more personal adventures. This summer was my first experience with a community garden (a deer free zone!). My little plot gave me bumper crops of vegies and flowers and the opportunity to swap horticultural tips with other gardeners. It was an enjoyable experience that I will definitely participate in next season. My other "adventure" this summer was the nine week kayaking course that I, and three other friends, signed up for. Who says you can't teach an old doll  dog new tricks?

Hurray for Tippy Kayaks!

Back in the late spring I discovered that a local paddling club was offering a nine week kayaking program ..... no experience required. After roping in a few friends to join me, we soon discovered that the kayaks we were using in the course were "racing" kayaks ..... therefore VERY tippy! And I mean tippy! One look in the wrong direction and you're in the drink! Thank goodness the weather was warm and sunny because most of us did end up going for an unexpected swim.

The paddling club also had paddle boards, and our instructor encouraged us to give them a try. At first we were sceptical, but after a few spills out of the kayaks we figured the paddle board couldn't be any worse! Well, now we are big paddle board fans! Can't wait to get on one again. How's that for serendipity?

Go With the Flow

In keeping with our new found love of kayaking, and the knowledge that the season is drawing to a close, we are attempting to get just a few more sessions in. My friend Nancy arranged for us to try a nearby company called Go With the Flow Adventures. We had a beautiful two hour paddle down the shallow quiet part of the same river where we did our summer program. What a delightful time ...... you can literally "go with the flow"! The current will take you down stream past lovely scenery and you hardly have to work at it. Now that's my kind of adventure!

So that's it for summer .... but we're not going to hang up our life jackets just yet. We might do one more trip down this "lazy river" to take in the fall colours. Now wouldn't that be spectacular?


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