A Camp at Last!

If you live in New Brunswick you are likely aware of "camp culture". If you don't have a camp, then at least you know someone who does. Camps (as opposed to cottages) are usually on the more rustic side and most likely to be found deep in the woods, and often well off road. Those who enjoy the "camp" life are most likely to partake in hunting, fishing, ATVing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities. I think that historically it has been a "guy thing" ... (my girl friends and I have referred to it as "male bonding"), but more women occasionally seem to be joining in the fun, especially if there are indoor "facilities".

My husband, Ross, has been hankering for a camp for ages. This year he and our son Scott decided to share the ownership of a leased lot on crown land, about an hour away. The original plan was to build, but they found a prefabricated building that was previously used as an office for a local brick company. It was in good shape and the price was right, so all they had to do was move it to the lot. After clearing the land and hiring an excavator to prepare the area, the building was moved and voila! A camp at last!

Moving Day!

Within a few days, and with the help of good friends, the camp was in place, with a wood stove installed, step built and outhouse nestled between the trees. There is a plan for future indoor "facilities", but the outhouse is the main powder room at the moment!

The powder room!

Scott, Wayne, Dan, Scott (our son) and Ross

Settling In

There will be much to do in the months ahead. Bunks to be built, kitchen area to be created, coat hooks, storage, outside deck etc. .... but that's all part of the fun! Right?

Gotta love this cute little propane cooktop and oven. I can guarantee that the future holds many full coffee pots, bacon and egg breakfasts, pots of stew, and countless other gastronomic delights!


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