Preparing for the Holidays

Yikes, our first big snowfall! AND it's December 10th ... only 14 days to go! That means it's full steam ahead for all things Christmas. I've been puttering away with some DIY Christmas gifts and creating lots of shopping lists for baking ingredients, d├ęcor items and, of course presents. But now the snow is on the ground ..... so it's time to stop with the list making and start baking!

We all have our favorite foods that we look forward to every year. Some are treats from our childhood that remind us of Christmases long ago, some are more recent recipes that friends have shared or that we've "pinned" to our Pinterest boards. Within our own family we each have our personal favs ..... or ones that we could do without. For two years in my life I experienced no Christmas at all, and I survived just fine! So with that in mind I will begin the baking marathon without going too far overboard.

Christmas Eve on the beach in the Philippines 2010

Suggestive "Santa Outfits" for sale on the streets of Chang Mai, Thailand, Christmas Day 2013

My Favorite Christmas Treats!

  1. Stuffing with sausage and water chestnuts
  2. Meat pie (Tourtiere)
  3. Shortbread cookies
  4. Kevlings (a crescent shaped cookie made with ground almonds)
  5. Confetti squares (melted butterscotch chips and coloured marshmallows)
  6. Chocolate fudge
  7. Trifle (with cake soaked with rum!)
  8. Homemade nuts and bolts
  9. Sausage rolls (my mom used to make them ... called "pigs in blankets")
  10. Turkey ... with lots left over!


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