Garden Musings

Ah .... warm (well warm er)  weather at last, and time to poke around in the garden. It can be very therapeutic but, if you are infested with deer, very frustrating. Therefore I do it with a "grain of salt". I only spend money on things that are safe from "Bambi" like hanging baskets (hung really high) or pots you would have to climb stairs to get to.

The Fuchsia and Pansies are on our upper deck and the Phlox and Spurge are perennials so no cost there .... if the deer eat them .... there's always next year!

Our woodsy gazebo serves as a cool retreat when the sun is blistering (well maybe just very warm as opposed to "blistering!). I would like to adorn it with showy, colourful flowers but I know that would be a mistake. So, I've filled a few pots with leafy perennials, that I have tonnes of, just to add a little visual interest. For colour, I thought I might paint the flower pots bright colours .... perhaps get colourful chairs?? See .... there's more than one way to skin a cat (.. or deer, or anything that buggers up your garden decor!)

Happy Summer .... and gardening !- (if you're into it!)


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