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As I prepare for our trip to Arizona, I'm amazed at how many pieces of technology we are taking that, apparently, we can't live without! ..... A tablet, a laptop, cell phones, readers, camera etc. I am starting to wonder if I really need my camera? According to photographer, Sean McGrath (see link below), capturing the moment is what's really important. The photos below are a few "moments" that I captured from my travels in Asia. 

Woman waiting for the train to go by in the countryside of Bangladesh.

Old woman talking on a cell phone in Bangladesh

Woman in a market in Hanoi

Men playing a game in Beijing

During my recent trip to Spain I found that I used my phone to take pictures more often than my camera simply because I was more likely to have it on hand and because I didn't have to dig it out of some zipped compartment of a purse or backpack. Also, it's easier to upload my photos from my phone to Picassa (where I can access them easily from anywhere), than to transfer them from my camera to my computer. Here are a few photos that I took using my phone in Spain.

So ....... I'm off to Arizona with my phone at the ready in case I see any interesting or unusual sights. Like Sean McGrath says, "It's all about the moment". Hope to post some soon!

I also hope to take in Sean McGrath's talk on February 12th at 7 PM as part of the Rothesay Speaker Series at the Rothesay Town Hall.

Town of Rothesay Website

Sean McGrath Photography

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Article in KV Style about Sean McGrath


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