A Large Day on the Fundy Coast!

I'm sure that where ever you live in Canada, or in most places in the world for that matter, there are beautiful and interesting views to behold, but really ..... I think it's hard to beat the spectacular scenes we have here on the Bay of Fundy. On Sunday morning around ten o'clock we set out for a drive and within thirty or forty minutes we were exploring the uncrowded coastline of a few tiny villages, rugged cliffs and empty beaches.

Enroute to St. Martins via Gardner Creek we came upon this great view. Lucky people who live in the house at the end of the driveway on the right!

We headed for the village of St. Martins, taking the route through Gardner Creek and Tynemouth Creek. Between these two places we took a detour down Duck Pond Road that brought us to a huge beach with only a couple of people on it out walking their dog.

As we continued our journey, enjoying the scenery, we were also able to pick up some tips on decor for the yard. Apparently moose antlers on your shrubs is the new thing!

Fishing boats in the village of St. Martins
About 7 or 8 miles past St. Martins we entered the Fundy Trail Parkway. It costs $6.00 per person and worth every penny. The paved roadway along the coast is 16 kms. but there are hiking and biking trails, lookouts, picnic tables and a nice interpretive center. The wilderness trail along the coast actually continues for 41 kms. to Fundy National Park. By 2018 the road should be complete up to that point as well.

A stunning view of the coast.

Near the interpretive center (the building in the background above) we explored a small sawmill museum and saw the foundation of an old school house. This seems to be the only evidence of settlement east of St. Martin's (other than the Hearst Lodge, once own by the US Newspaper magnate Randolph J. Hearst). From here to Fundy National Park the coast line is completely undeveloped and you can see why. The rugged terrain and steep variations in height make development (or settlement) very difficult, not to mention expensive. With both provincial and federal funding the extension of the road will cost about $22,000,000! It is hoped that the drive and trails etc. will be a big tourist attraction.

If We Build it - Will They Come? .... Do we want them to come?

In our poor, economically deprived province, it seems that we are always looking for prosperity and development. I guess we need it, but I must say that there are times when I do enjoy the lack of development. On a sunny Sunday afternoon in July we visited the Fundy Trail and it seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves! Parking lots were almost empty, traffic was nil and we rarely had to share a lookout with another visitor. On our coastal drive to the park, we were able to explore and enjoy the sights encountering only a few locals here and there.

On our way back we stopped at the beach and caves at St. Martin's, mainly to get a bowl of "world famous" seafood chowder at the restaurant there. This was the most "touristy" spot ... funny how beer and french fries attracts a crowd! Although the parking lot was full and the restaurant was busy, we got our delicious chowder right away and enjoyed it on the seaside deck as we watched some foolish tourists almost get stuck in the caves by the tide.

View from our table!
All in all it was a very "large day" and we were home in time to mow the lawn and have a cool one on our own deck. Now my next project is to try to make a seafood chowder as good as the one I had in St. Martin's! Stay tuned for the recipe!

Fundy Trail Parkway


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