The Power of Images

National Geographic was a staple in our home when I was a teenager. At that age I knew the lyrics of all the songs on the radio much better than my school work and I spent hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup and teasing my hair. So as you might expect, actually "reading" an article about some endangered species in the jungles of Cambodia or cultural traditions in Peru was highly unlikely. The images, however, had my full attention. Exotic looking women in traditional dress, the grandiose architecture of European cities and the mysterious photos of narrow streets in a Turkish bazaar captivated me! Travelling to those places seemed like a remote possibility, but those images planted a seed and that remote possibility eventually became a reality.

Here I am with an actual "Long Neck" woman in Thailand. These women are refugees from Myanmar (Burma).

So, for me, images are very inspiring! While, I still get the travel bug when I see pictures of exotic places, I may have to be content with Pinterest to inspire me to embark on new experiences closer to home. Perfecting a new recipe or transforming a piece of furniture with a coat of paint can be an adventure! Can't it??


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