I Hate the "Happy Song"!

I Hate the "Happy Song"!

(This one's for you Cathy .... cause I know you will agree!)

I must preface this blog post by saying that I have made a private promise to myself to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones and to aspire to be as  non-judgmental as possible. Life's short, so focus on the positive, or at least try! However, I must make an exception when it comes to the "Happy Song".

I'm a big CBC radio fan. I listen to both Radio 1 (for information and interesting stories, book reviews etc.) and Radio 2 (for great music from a wide variety of genres ... from bluegrass to classical!) I love waking up to our local Information Morning show and "gently" hearing interesting stories and news.
However, for several months now, they had the great idea that they would play requests for a "happy song". People have been sending in the titles of a song that makes THEM feel happy .... they don't necessarily make ME feel happy. In fact most of them grate on my nerves and if I was a cat I'm sure that my fur would be sticking straight up! Lately they've started playing requests for songs that were popular during the year that someone was born in as a birthday greeting. I mean really .... does everyone want to hear that? 
Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum may be my guilty pleasure, but does EVERYONE want to hear it? Especially when your just opening your peepers. 

CBC I love you but the the "Happy Song" has got to go!


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