Salsa Time!

What do you do when presented with a bag of tomatoes from someone's garden? Make salsa of course!
 I was volunteering at a local food bank when it was discovered that there were no takers for a bag of fresh tomatoes, left by a local gardener. Since none of the other volunteers wanted them, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do .... make salsa.

Chop till you drop!

I found a basic recipe in a canning book that we had, made a quick run to the grocery store to get a few more ingredients and some jars, and then began chopping. Hubby pitched in to help and pointed out that the food processor might be just the ticket for chopping the tomatoes and he was right! All in all we got it done and I was pleased with the result. However, next time I will add more jalapenos than the recipe called for (I like some heat) and wait until the end to add the cilantro. I would also double the cilantro since it is one of my favorite flavors!

Canadian Living Recipe Next Time!

I found a great Canadian Living recipe that I will use next time. It includes a variety of peppers as well as cider vinegar, sugar, garlic and lots of jalapenos and cilantro. The link below features a good video .... great for visual learners like me!


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