Day of Discoveries!

If you recall, a few blog posts ago I indicated that I was going to try to embrace winter and attempt something new .... like snowshoeing. Well, today was my first day on snowshoes and it was great! A group called "KV Walkers", organized by two local women, arranged a snowshoeing trek along some of our local trails. The day was cold but sunny and after a few practice circles in a soccer field we were off on the trails.

Our snowshoeing group
I must say that this group activity was a great way for me to begin my experience with snowshoes. As we made our way through the trails it was nice to meet new people and even get some tips on gear and other trails to try. One person told me of a "moonlight" snowshoeing event organized by a local company   Elmhurst Outdoors  ...... sounds like fun!  So I am really trying to embrace winter! Aren't you impressed!
Actually, after all my raving about my wonderful winter outdoor activity, I came home and packed bathing suits and sarongs in a suit case! (I'm going south in a few days) I know I'm a big cheater! I even painted my toenails! But in doing so I made a wonderful discovery. The headlamp that Santa brought me to use on a hiking adventure, came in very handy for do it yourself pedicures!


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