In With the New!

Just a few of my favorite gifts from under the tree this year! Delicious consumables, a gorgeous cutting board that Joel made, a sweet pottery cup in my favorite colour, a selfie stick (to help me document my adventures) and snowshoes! Santa done good!
In keeping with a New Year's theme, I am going to embrace the "in with the new" aspect and aspire to try to learn or experience some new things...... starting with snowshoeing!
My goal of becoming a "snowshoe bunny" is twofold ...... 1. to experience something new and "embrace" (cringe, cringe) the winter. And 2, to keep up my walking/activity level in preparation for my Camino!
At this point I have only tested out the snowshoes that Santa brought me around the yard on fairly level terrain for a short period of time (like 10 minutes!) One shoe kept coming off, so I will need to learn how to adjust the straps better. I also need to rethink my winter footwear: boots? hikers? ?? I already have a plethora of boots .... high ones, low ones, fun in the snow ones, going to the mall ones. The entry to our house looks like a family of centipedes lives there! In any case, I am likely going to have to don my "going to the mall" boots and look for a pair of footwear appropriate for snowshoeing and winter plowing through snow type walking.
I'm not looking forward to shopping for footwear. Bathing suits, pants that fit, and practical footwear are three items that I dread shopping for! A website that I found some good information on, suggested wearing old hiking boots or sneakers with some water proofing and gaiters before investing in expensive footwear. Definitely worth a try before I hit the dreaded mall! (website with great info below)
So, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
 Get inspired to try something new! .... (even if it's only a new Netflix series)



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