Sea Glass Therapy

There's nothing like a beach vacation in the middle of winter to recharge your batteries and allow the sun to fill you with the strength to face up to, and perhaps even thrive in the remaining months of inhospitable climate before spring finally arrives. For the last two weeks I took great pleasure in taking many barefooted walks along this largely undeveloped beach near Havana, Cuba. Everyday I collected oodles of sea glass that had washed ashore. There was something very relaxing and therapeutic about the "search"!

I don't know much about sea glass, but I would like to learn. So far I know that "sea glasscomes from the salt water of an ocean or sea, and "beach glass" is found on the beaches of fresh bodies of water. I also know that the worn look of the edges of each shard of glass and the cloudiness that is created from consistent tumbling in the force of the water is most desirable. Colour is also important .... white, green and brown seem to be the most common, so anything different is a great find! A piece that actually has the form of what it once was like the top of a bottle is pretty cool as well.

Sea glass that I collected last week in Cuba.

The beautiful bits of glass that I had so much fun collecting in Cuba have piqued my interest and I intend to continue to find out more about this subject .... and of course to continue to collect. Living near the Bay of Fundy, I should be able to do lots of beach combing ..... but that's not going to happen for a few more months at least! Below is a link to a site that I found that gives an interesting bit of history of sea glass.

History of Sea glass


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