My New Beau!

There's nothing like a fall Sunday afternoon, with a roast in the oven and the satisfaction of having bottled a fresh batch of wine. Yes sir, filling up the wine cellar is kinda like gettin wood in for the winter!

On a wet, blustery fall Sunday I decided that it was time to to bottle the two carboys of wine that I've been avoiding. A few days ago I siphoned off a few liters in an act of desperation, but it was time to do the deed. I sent hubby over to the neighbors to borrow filters and corker etc. while I cleaned the bottles. The bottles we use are just those we've saved from past batches, ones that are left by guests and some from our own purchases at the liquor store. As I scoured and counted our collection I couldn't help but notice an overabundance of one particular brand - Bodacious! 

Several weeks ago I discovered this little gem at the liquor store and it was love at first sip! It is a blend of shiraz and cabernet-sauvignon with aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant. While I couldn't get enough of it, it is not to be guzzled. You need to sniff it, and hold each sip in your mouth as long as you can to enjoy its deliciousness. I know that is what real wine connoisseurs are supposed to do, but I never felt like doing that until I met Bodacious. 

As they say, "distance makes the heart grow fonder". So I'm going to drink my homemade stuff but look forward to an occasional little rendezvous with my new beau!

I've also discovered a great website called Potluck Video with dozens of little videos about food and drink. The link below will take you to a video about the size of wine bottles and how they affect the taste, but I encourage you to go to the home page and check out other cool stuff!

Potluck Video


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