The Perfect Guest Room

In our basement we have two rooms, previously inhabited by our children, each containing a hodge podge of furniture and often used as storage for "stuff" that we don't want to deal with. While we have a guest room on the main floor, we felt that having two other places for overflow company would be a good idea.

So the task of creating two guest rooms out of the space and "stuff" we have began. At first I thought a paint job was due in one room, since our son had chosen to paint it red some years ago, but that would have been a lot of work (and paint) so I decided to spruce it up by painting the trim white. Then we decided that twin beds would be a good idea for guests, especially if they are two people who are not a couple, or two old farts like us who get a better sleep when we're not snoring in each other's ear! I bought some new sheets, a few new pillows and a couple of inexpensive bed covers and that's it. I wasn't planning to spend a lot of time and money for accommodations that will only be used one or two nights a year.

Guest Bedroom Tips:

So here are my tips for creating the perfect ..... okay adequate, guest room. The obvious is a reasonably comfortable bed, clean sheets, pillows etc. However there are things that I really appreciate when I'm staying in a strange room for the night.

Must haves:
  • a night table with a lamp is a must (to put a glass of water on, eye glasses, medication etc. and to have the ability to turn on a light in the middle of the night without stumbling around)
  • a mirror (preferably with a plug near by for hair dryer, curling iron etc.)
  • a box of tissue
  • a garbage can
  • extra pillow(s), blanket(s)
  • towel, face cloth set out
Nice touches:
  • a digital clock (set in a location where it can be seen from the bed)
  • a luggage rack or raised surface to put a suitcase on (this is especially good for older folks!)
  • a basket of travel size toiletries like shampoo, tooth paste etc.
  • a small flash light on the night stand (so you don't have to hunt for light switches on a trip to the loo) 
You don't have to get too carried away and provide Egyptian cotton sheets, bathrobes and slippers or your guests will never leave. But a few little touches can make things a tad more comfortable. Below is a great and inexpensive idea from Good Housekeeping for your guests to hang up their clothes should your closet space be limited.


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