Finding Inspiration?

Some people find inspiration in a beautiful sunset, a great novel or from spending time in nature. I found inspiration at Value Village!

My hubby frequents this used clothing and household items store to pick up "stuff" for his camp or to add pieces to his "stunning and stylish" wardrobe. The odd time I will go in with him ...... I like to checkout the table linens and a few other items. While browsing the wracks of overly priced used merchandise, I came across this fun table cloth (and a round one at that!)

Now, to find a recipe to match the table cloth!

So, here's where the inspiration comes in. The colours and print spoke to me. (The photo does not show how strong and bright the yellow is!) My first thought was Indian. The vibrant yellow with the contrasting fuchsia florals and indigo would be the perfect back drop for a great curry and samosa dinner. On the other hand, the blue and yellow combination, with a romantic pink floral touch,  makes me think French country cuisine might be in order.

I went with Indian (cause it's one of my favorites). While I'm still struggling to produce a great Indian curry, I used a "Master Indian Spice" packet to whip up a pretty good Tikka Masala. The little kit comes with several packets of spice combinations (no chemicals) and an easy to follow recipe. The company that puts these together is from Fredericton .... even better!

Maybe next time I go to Value Village I will find a .... frilly frock and take up Flamenco Dancing!


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