Felted Soap

Last week I was cross border shopping.
This week I am felting soap!

 Although I am always on the look out for work or volunteer opportunities, it seems that it is a constant struggle to find something productive to do this winter! Anyway, I am posting this picture of the materials and instructions required to produce a bar of felted soap specifically to force me to live up to the expectation that I actually will follow through with this project.

In February I blogged about a workshop that I took on felting. The instructor made up little "take away" kits with all the stuff to felt a bar of soap. "What the heck is felted soap?" you may ask.... so did I, ....never heard of it before. (I may have seen it at craft fairs without knowing what it was.) Felted soap is simply soap that is encased in a layer of felt. As you wash with it, suds ooze out of the felt which acts as a soft scrubbing surface on your skin, kind of like a loofah sponge. As the soap gets smaller, the felt shrinks accordingly. Cool huh?

So .... let the fun begin!  I promise I will post the results even if they are not so great. In the mean time if you are interested in learning more about this simple (I hope) process, I found a great little video on the Apartment Therapy website. They even show you how to take it up a notch and do a little "needle felting" embellishment!

Apartment Therapy - Felted Soap Video


Felted soap with images created by using the needle felting process.
Cute idea for Easter!


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