Felted and Felting Friends

As I was browsing on Facebook recently, I came upon a post of one of my friends featuring some gorgeous felted eggs. These were "needle felted" as opposed to the "wet felting" that I've been doing. My friend's lovely pics make me feel all warm and fuzzy for Easter!

Felted eggs, photo by Juliette Kilpatrick.

Speaking of friends who are felting, I found some other friends at Costco the other day. (I'm not a big fan of Costco - the volumes, and oversizes gross me out!) However, they often have some unique items. After checking all over town for felting materials, such as needles and wool roving, lo and behold don't I spy this cute little kit complete with felting needle and a fair amount of wool. It even had a little book to show you how to make some "felted friends" ..... I think the target consumers are actually children over 10 but for $12.99 I can have as much fun as a 10 year old!

Anyway, I tried my hand at making a "felted friend" ...... a cat toy for Daisy, my "grand kitty" (Daisy belongs to my son's girlfriend). I even put some catnip inside! Not bad for my first attempt at needle felting, although I think the mouse is a little big and looks more like a pink rat! Stay tuned for further adventures in felting!


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