Unhappy Anniversary

This morning when I was at the gym, enjoying my workout in a safe, pleasant, climate controlled environment, I saw a news clip of a familiar sight ..... a street filled with Bangladeshi protesters. For a moment I wondered what the newsworthy clip was all about when realized that it was the anniversary of the Rana garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. It seems hard to believe that I was actually working and living, only about 13 kilometers from the horrific scene in the photo below when this tragedy took place.

Needless to say there was a great deal of attention (rightly so) given to this unbelievable event. Westerners of course were appalled and many pointed fingers at the manufacturing companies (like Joe Fresh etc.). I'm sure that numerous individuals, as a result, have made personal choices about the products that they buy. That's fine. However, I believe that the situation is more complicated than that and I could never explain the realities of this tragedy as eloquently as Jon has in his April 24th blog post on Sea Salt Nomads. (link above and on the right) For an "inside view" I recommend that you read his personal account of this horrible event.

Photo Credit: Dhaka Tribune (reposted from Sea Salt Nomads)


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