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Bathroom update from "Danse-le-Townhouse" see link below. I love this quick inexpensive update (check the before photos on the website!)

Photo from Danse-le-Townhouse (see link below)

While flipping through Flipboard (a cool app I have on my tablet) I came across a great blog by Tanya Watson, a Canadian blogger, called Dans le Townhouse. I was originally attracted by a DIY update she did on her 90's style bathroom, but as I explored the blog further and "toured" her townhouse and lake house, I discovered all kinds of great stuff. Very inspiring! Check it out!

Since I've been into felting lately I was also excited to see some needle felting projects on this blog. The felted balls arrangement in the vase above is one of them. I also loved the needle felted art in the frames below. If you're interested in creating some of these you can check out the DIY instructions on the link below. Happy felting .... or DIYing!

Needle Felted Art (from Dans-le-Townhouse)


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