26 km!

Our first day of walking the Camino, and we did 26 km!!! We took the Metro from Porto to a town by the ocean and began walking along the  coast. There was boardwalk all along the beach which was good for walking. The scenery was stunning as we walked along beautiful beaches, fishing villages and vacation homes. It was a beautiful sunny day and, in spite of the cool ocean breeze we were a bundle of sweat.
We finally reached our destination, Vila Do Conde and were thrilled ( talking about showers, food and wine, not necessarily in that order) but realized it would be at least another 40 minutes by the time we figured out how to get to our hotel. Between GPS and asking directions, we finally found our hotel! Lovely people here! And a great meal with a great waitress ... and of course red wine.
Going to take some ibuprofen with a glass of wine and go to bed!


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