Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

Day two of walking and we did 16 km today in the rain. Even though it was a bit damp, it was warm and much nicer to walk in (as opposed to the sun baking sweat fest of yesterday?)
We walked along the coast for a while and then went in land through small towns and lots of vegetable farms and green houses.
At lunchtime we stopped at a little restaurant along the way and lo and behold .... there was cordon bleu on the menu! We all took our 600 mg of ibuprofen ... I took mine with beer.
We arrived at our hotel to a crowd of people who had stopped for lunch enroute to Fatima. (It is also popular to do a pilgrimage there between May and October.) After checking in we asked if there was a store nearby ( so we could buy some "treats" for our room) and the fellow at the desk said that he would be happy to drive us the four km to the grocery store! We followed him ( in his suit and tie) to his car and he drove us to the grocery store and back!
So .... tomorrow we are heading up the coast, it might involve a bus since our destination is about 31km away. Keep you posted!


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